Body Shaping by Dana

                      You Have To See It To Believe It!

Lose Up to 3 Sizes in 10 Minutes  

No Pills.  No Gastric Bypass Surgery.  No Liposuction.  No Tummy Tuck.  No Dieting.  No Exercise.

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Natural Health Practioner and Licensed Medical Esthetician, Dana Hunter, invite you to experience Body Shaping by Dana.™   Body Shaping by Dana™ is simply a healthy, amazing body transformation using a medical garment designed by an orthopedic surgeon worn to correct posture and truly reshape your body. It allows you to redistribute some of your irregularities to a more desirable area. This redistribution becomes more permanent over time. Plus, it reduces your waist up to 3 sizes in 10 minutes and gives you a new attitude. If you need an instant tummy tuck this Garment will do it. Body Shaping by Dana™ will enhance your figure by lifting your bust, removing side rolls and flattening your stomach in only ten minutes. 

• Pulls your shoulders back and corrects your posture!
• Straightens your back!
• Helps reduce your waist!
• Avoids flaccidity!
• Push up your buttocks!
• Thins your hips!

This is a perfect garment that can be used in conjunction with proper diet & exercise to eliminate those stubborn areas and give you the hour glass figure you deserve. This will actually aid in the weight loss process. You have to see it to believe it. Everyone will be raving about your new figure. Call NOW to experience Body Shaping by Dana™!!!  Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to witness a life changing transformation.

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Free Custom Fitting and Application of All Garments.

You have to see it to believe it!
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